Resources about language evolution and genetics

Historical linguistics resources

This project is based on following resources:

  • Technology used for the project itself: This project is managed as a desktop application written in C# on Visual Studio using Linq to XML. The online genetic proximity calculator is an web implementation of the same functionality used on the desktop application and is simple code reuse from it. The distance matrix is generated by the desktop application only.
  • The major steps of the research are carried out using R and the ape, Geiger and Phangorn R-packages.
  • The program initially used to generate evolutionary trees from the distance matrix was MEGA7: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis Version 7.0 for bigger datasets (submitted). Kumar S, Stecher G, and Tamura K (2015) –
  • Technology used for project publishing: Basically WordPress CMS using the Responsive Theme.

  • Online resources:

  • Books: These books have either inspired the project or been used to find material on some languages:

      General topics about evolution:
    • Genes, peoples, and languages Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, ISBN 0520228731 see in Google books
    • The Seven Daughters of Eve Bryan Sykes, ISBN 0393323145 see in Google books
    • History And Geography Of Human Genes L. Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Paolo Menozzi, Alberto Piazza, ISBN 0691087504 see in Google books

      General topics about language evolution and linguistics:
    • Les languages de l’humanité Michel Malherbe – ISBN: 2-221-05947-6 see in Google books
    • Genetic Linguistics: Essays on Theory and Method Joseph Greenberg, William Croft, ISBN 019925771X see in Google books

      The Nostratic language family:
    • The Nostratic Macrofamily and Linguistic Palaeontology Aharon Dolgopolsky – ISBN: 0-9519420-7-7 see in Google books
    • Опыт сравнения ностратических языков В.М. Иллич-Свитыч – ISBN: 5-354-00173-0 (1971) see in Google books
    • Indo-European and its closest relatives - Lexicon Joseph Harold Greenberg, ISBN 0804770654 see in Google books
    • Indo-European and its closest relatives - Grammar Joseph Harold Greenberg, ISBN 0804764417 see in Google books
    • Language in the Americas Joseph Harold Greenberg, ISBN 0804713154 see in Google books

      Various resources:
    • Tocharisch vom Gesichtspunkt der indoeuropäischen Sprachvergleichung Holger Pedersen – Copenhagen 1949
    • Tocharian historical phonology and morphology Douglas Q. Adams – American Oriental Society 1988 see in Google books
    • Beginner's Assyrian D. G. Lyon, ISBN 0781806771 see in Google books
    • Beginning Hittite Warren Howard Held, William R. Schmalstieg, Janet E. Gertz, ISBN 0893571849 see in Google books

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